Al Ansari Exchange L.L.C, a leading exchange company in the UAE with the largest branch network started as an offshoot of a flourishing general trading business of the Al Ansari family almost 60 years ago, primarily to meet the foreign exchange and remittance needs of their trading partners and customers at a time when formal banking was yet to be established in the Country.

With the gradual evolution and semblance of banking in the mid-1960s, the first branch was opened in Abu Dhabi in 1966. The company has made quick strides thereon and progressed to emerge as one of the largest and most popular exchange companies in the UAE.

Today Al Ansari Exchange L.L.C boasts a network of over 190 branches, employing over 2,500 multilingual staff who cater to millions of customers with fast, reliable and efficient service at very competitive rates.

Historic Milestones


Al Ansari Exchange opened its 1st branch in Abu Dhabi Central Market.


The Union of United Arab Emirates was established.


The Monetary Council was established and the UAE Dirham was first circulated.


Al Ansari Exchange adopts an integrated electronic system in all financial transactions.


The first branch in a Shopping Mall was inaugurated in Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society.


The first Al Ansari Exchange Rewards Program was launched.


AED 1 million cash prizes in Al Ansari Exchange Rewards was announced for the first time.

Al Ansari Exchange opened its 1st international branch in Kuwait.


Al Ansari Exchange adopted its new identity and standardized the look and feel of all its branches.


Al Ansari Exchange launched its Cash Express for worldwide remittance to the market.


Al Ansari Exchange launched its payroll solution “PayPlus” in line with the UAE Wages Protecting System.

The first mobile branch was introduced.

The 100th branch was inaugurated in Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai.


Al Ansari Exchange’s customer base reaches 2 million customers.


Al Ansari Exchange opens it’s 150th branch in the UAE and reaches 2.5 Million customer base a month.


Al Ansari Exchange celebrates 50 years of success and service excellence.


Al Ansari Exchange launches mobile app to enable online money transfer

to be continued