Our correspondent Banking relationship with over 250 banks and agents having over 500,000 branch locations worldwide, enables you to send and receive money within minutes. We have a wide range of remittance products and services to choose from:

Instant Money Transfers

We offer a host of money transfer services to across the globe within minutes; viz:

Provides fast, secure and reliable money transfer services around the world

Worldwide Money Transfer

Within UAE

Wire Transfers

Quick, safe & reliable money transfers to beneficiaries in any country.

Bank Transfers

Direct money transfers to bank accounts anywhere in the world.

Flash Remittances

real time bank account credit to selected countries.

Direct to door

Direct delivery of money at beneficiary’s doorstep to selected countries.

Declaration Forms

Received Remittances(Above AED 75,000)

Sent Remittances

(Above AED 75,000)

Non-Resident Customer